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What We Do

In addition to our Annual Paradise Garden Tour, which since the Camp Fire in late 2018 has shifted to an Annual Paradise Plant Sale, PGCI has several other ongoing projects and programs:

Scholarships in Environmental Horticulture

Daffodils Across the Ridge

Civic Beautification

Seed Savers


We also have literally dozens of other Club activities, in and out of meetings. Don’t miss the enjoyment of participating in any of the following; your help would be so welcome!

Garden of the Month: Once Paradise gardens grow again, this committee will return to selecting a private and a commercial garden in the community to be publicized as a Garden of the Month. With the owners’ permission, a Garden-of-the-Month sign is posted on the property. Oftentimes, after the meeting, we tour the garden. To suggest a GOTM, contact our GOTM chairs at

"Potting People" work groups: hang out with true green thumbs and improve your plant-propagation skills! The resulting plants are sold at nominal cost at many meetings and at the Plant Sale of every Annual Garden Tour. Part of Potting People, the Seed Savers group collects, saves, and exchanges seeds of locally adapted plants to share among Club members.

Other Events include potluck luncheons (at our meetings in even-numbered months); occasional group tours and shopping events; classes and demonstrations; and endless opportunities to ask gardening questions of knowledgeable people.

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