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Paradise is a friendly little incorporated town in Butte County, California, between the southern edge of the Cascade range and the northern end of the Sierra Nevada mountains. We’re about eight miles east and uphill of Chico. That uphill aspect continues throughout town: Paradise ranges in elevation from 1,500 to 2,300 feet. (Find info on our planting zones here.) PGCI was organized in 1950, incorporated on September 4, 1963, and later federated with California Garden Clubs, Inc (CGCI).

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We can always use more hands! If you've been thinking of joining us, please do. If you'd care to make a donation to help us get on with the work, please visit our Garden Shop and select a program you like or even make a general donation. We thank you for your interest and your kindness.

Fire, pandemic, who knows what else: we are still standing, and regardless of where each of us finds ourselves at present we are still gardening. You just cannot keep a dedicated gardener out of the greenery.

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