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Favorite Links

Here are some of our favorite links! We're still building our list but here's a start:

In the garden club structure:

Closer to home:

Special Thanks for their work on the 2022 Garden Tour Ticket Book:


In addition, this page offers the links and downloadable items that are available elsewhere throughout this website.

Many of these downloadable files are in PDF (Portable Document Format). PDF files open in Adobe Reader. If you click a link below and the file doesn't open automatically, you may need to add the free Adobe Reader software to your computer.

Member Handbook Sections

PGCI Bylaws, v2022-12-12 (<1Mb)

PGCI Standing Rules, v2022-12-12 (<1Mb)

The Roster and Yearbook sections contain personal contact information on our members, so these are not published on the website. Please contact the Membership Chair if you're a member and need a copy of either.


Reimbursement Form (54Kb)

Mileage Reimbursement Form (72Kb)

Container Garden Form for Annual Tour Container Gardens

Membership Application Form (an interactive PDF; fill and then save to your hard drive, print it, and email, USPS mail, or bring it in) (103Kb)

Gardening Info

Water-Wise Gardening Resource List

Prolonging the life of cut flowers

General Rules for Horticultural Displays

Seed Savers stuff:


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