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Horticultural Display Rules

A few meetings a year may include a club horticultural display. Members will receive at least a month's notification when these are coming up.

At meetings at which the club holds a horticultural contest, the following rules apply. (See the “HT-1 HORTICULTURE AWARD” evaluation form from CGCI for further guidelines.)


1. Only Club members may enter specimens.

2. Entries are to consist of single blossoms and plant specimens from your garden.

3. All specimens must be in place one half-hour before the scheduled time of the meeting to allow judging time.

4. All specimens must be grown by the exhibitor.

5. Name of exhibitor to be on the back of entry slip and name of specimen, if known, to be on side showing.

6. Single blossoms should have one stem and at least one leaf, if possible.

7. The Chair will divide specimens by categories.

8. The Chair will select three judges from the membership who do not have entries.

9. Awards will be made at the discretion of the judges.

10. Entries must be self-supporting in containers.

11. Judges to follow flower show standards:

a) Distinction of species
b) Form and color
c) Foliage and stem of each entry consistent with growth of plant
d) Size according to variety

12. At each meeting, only one specimen of each species may be exhibited by a member unless categories below are subdivided as specified in #13).

a) Annuals
b) Perennials
c) Shrubs
d) Vines
e) Bulbs
f) Trees
g) Succulents and Cacti
h) Miniatures
i) Tubers, Rhizomes and Corms
j) Roses
k) Bonsai
l) Orchids

13. The above categories may be subdivided at the discretion of the chairman when four or more of one specific type are entered; i.e., a subcategory of camellias (category ‘c’ above) during the winter months.


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