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Daffodils Across the Ridge

Daffodils at the Welcome to Paradise civic signThe “Daffodils Across the Ridge” project has received recognition by the Northern California Daffodil Society, which has listed Paradise as a scenic location, while the American Daffodil Society has placed Paradise on their National Registry of places to view daffodils. We have planted over 160,000 bulbs since 2008, many of which have naturalized into two, three, or four times that quantity.

Why you should support Daffodils Across the Ridge

We know that during the spring of 2011 numerous groups and individuals visited Paradise for the purpose of viewing our daffodils. Many stayed overnight, ate meals here, and shopped our antique stores---all of which are good for the town of Paradise.

What can you do?

  • Become familiar with the best viewing locations (see this map) and visit them yourself.
  • Tell your out-of-town friends to come for a visit and take them around.
  • Post pictures and information on the Town of Paradise web page.
  • Encourage your friends on the Board of Supervisors to promote Paradise.
  • Purchase bulbs from the Paradise Garden Club and plant them in your front yard.

In addition to the daffodil photos we publish here you might enjoy the additional ones published by Jayne Locas on Shutterfly. We're also mentioned among the daffodil festivals in California at

Contact the Daffodils on the Ridge chairs directly at

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Thank you!

History of the Project

Our project started in the spring of 2008. Our original goal was to plant about 3,000 daffodils at the town entrance. Our vision was, “to bring a breath of spring to the ridge after a long and dreary winter” on the Ridge. However, as our project was taking shape in the early summer of 2008, dramatic events began to unfold in our little foothill town. A wildfire at the south side of town caused a community evacuation and about 75 homes were destroyed. As we gather for a meeting which was to have been a celebration of another successful garden tour, our hearts were heavy. Some friends and loved ones had already lost their homes. A sense of doom hung over the community. So we expanded our vision. We would alot $2,000 of our beautification funds to plant 10,000 daffodils and ask for donations to plant more.  We chose the motto, “To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow” for that was the message that our community needed to face the future. Before we could start our fund raising, another series of fires threatened our town and we did not see the sun for a month. More homes were lost. It was a summer of fire, smoke, and ashes, but we pressed on with our fundraising efforts. With community support, we raised enough money to plant 60,000 daffodils.

Not satisfied with a mere 60,000 daffodil bulbs the club continued to raise funds in the fall of 2009. With additional donations from the club, individuals, business  and civic groups an additional 31,000 bulbs were purchased.


The Paradise Garden Club  is fulfulling their vision of seeing Daffodils Across the Ridge.  Every spring the community will be  awash with gold, not gold from our historical mines, but gold from daffodils spread across our ridge.

We thank all of those businesses, community organizations, town and county officials and the general population who supported our cause and made this a successful project.

Daffodils Across the Ridge was begun and for many years superbly managed by member Jayne Locas. Jayne stepped down in 2012 and was ably succeeded by Cheryl and Ward Habriel. You can reach our current DATR coordinator(s) at

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