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Prolonging the Life of Cut Flowers

Camellias Apply salt to petal base around stamens to hold moisture.
Chrysanthemums Break stem, crush slightly, and soak in sugar water (1/2 cup sugar to 1 quart water)
Cyclamen Do not cut; pull stem from corm. Cut under water and leave in water, adding one tsp. salt to two quarts water.
Dahlias After cutting, place in very hot water and allow to cool naturally.
Gardenias Handle with wet hands and store in plastic bag in coolest part of refrigerator.
Gladiola Cut when first bud unfolds. To make flowers open, remove two top buds.
Magnolias, Poppies, Tulips, & Water Lillies Prevent from opening or closing too much by dropping wax on the inside or outside of the petal base.
Roses Remove thorns; scrape a few inches off stem. Place in deep, cold water up to their necks. If they are to be kept for some time, wrap in tissue and secure with loose rubber band and place in water in refrigerator. About ten hours before use, remove from storage, place in cold water and unwind covering. Roses may be kept for many days with this method.
Wilted flowers Re-cut stem and place in hot water. Leave in water until flower revives.
Woody stems Crush and peel two inches off stem. Rub with salt and place in deep water overnight.


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