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Life after the Camp Fire of 2018

The 2018 Camp Fire left the town of Paradise devastated. As one of our members wondered from the vantage point of temporary disaster housing, "What does a garden club do without a garden?!"

Well, we carry on. As the shock started to wear off we gathered again from the far ends of the county, and beyond, and started developing ideas. We know there are ways we can help re-green Paradise. We start by acknowledging the damage to some of our civic beautification projects, including the Butte County Library (Paradise Branch), the Foster Triangle (at Skyway & Foster), and the Elliott Triangle (at Skyway & Elliott). As the year rolls on you'll be seeing those begin to heal and come back to life.

From there the ideas have kept on coming. We even now have what we hope will be an entertaining solution to the problem of having no gardens to tour in June of this year, during what would normally have been the 2019 Paradise Garden Tour. (More news on this coming soon!)

And we go on. We can always use more hands, so if you've been thinking of joining us for this effort, please do. If you'd care to make a donation to help us get on with the work, please visit our Garden Shop and select a program you like or even make a general donation. We thank you for your interest and your kindness.

On the whole, though, we're planning to get through this along with our community. We're still standing, and (regardless of where we are at the moment) we're still gardening. You just can't keep a dedicated gardener out of the greenery.

About that 2019 Paradise Garden Tour...

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